All packages for exhibitors must be labeled with the address listed below:

*Please ship packages no earlier than May 16th 2024 so to prevent overflow of packages

The UPS Store

[ Full Name of Person Shipping / LeverageCon ]

[Vendor name]

755 NW 72 Ave, Plaza 20

Miami, FL 33126

Listed below are package rates:

Inbound/ Outbound Packages*

Flat Docs. Envelope $5.00

1- 50 lbs.                    $10.00

51- 100 lbs.                $20.00

101- 500 lbs.              $50.00

501- 2000 lbs.            $100.00

2001 lbs. & over        $200.00 

(Storage fees will be applied after the 7th day of the package being delivered).

To pick up the packages you just need to bring your ID and make the payment in the store.

If you need more information, feel free to email or call 786-391-2858

Exhibitor Sponsors – Please request AV form for your audio – visual needs at